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We came to an agreement thanks to our prime minister - "Right Wheel" initiative (video)


On December 27, 2018, members of the "Right Wheel" initiative protested in front of the government building. They met with government members and presented their proposals. Thus, as a result of discussions, the government has initiated legislative changes. The package was posted on the official website for public discussion. "If the National Assembly approves the draft, from the next day we will be able to import the cars by April 1." According to Davit Gasparyan, a member of the initiative, they agree with the government's program. "There is a disagreement with only some details, and for now, the "Right Wheel" initiative and the Ministry of Transport and others work on them." Initially, members of the initiative emphasized that they did not agree to turn their right-hand steering wheels into left-hand ones, as it is a dangerous and costly process. Today, the solution to this problem has also been met. "This procedure is now working, it is not our business. The wheels of our imported cars will not be changed, they will remain in the factory structure. We came to an agreement thanks to our prime minister." According to Gasparyan, there are about 500 cars on the Georgian border these days, the number is growing, and there are about 300 cars that have not yet reached the border.