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Armenia is not an independent and sovereign state yet - Tigran Khzmalyan

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European Party of Armenia will hold a mourning and protest demonstration in front of the Russian Defense Ministry's 102nd military base in Gyumri. The mourning and protest demonstration will take place on January 12, the 4th anniversary of the murder of Avetisyan family and the 40th day of the murder of Julieta Ghukasyan. Co-chair of the European Party of Armenia Tigran Khzmalyan informed "A1+." "The action is not as political but humanitarian action. This time we will not present political demands, we will just protest, silent, without posters, with candles and photographs of the dead." Tigran Khzmalyan added that such protests will last long. "We aim not only to withdraw the Russian military base from Armenia, but also to solve the problem of Armenia's decolonization, which will be possible only with the cancellation of the Moscow Treaty of March 16, 1921," he said. Immediately after the demonstration, the party will initiate meetings, discussions and political actions ahead of March 16. Referring to the Armenian-Russian relations, Tigran Khzmalyan stresses that Armenia is an occupied and colonized territory of Russia. "Armenia is not an independent and sovereign state yet, and no matter how miserable it is that it can be a UN member, celebrate the Independence Day, but stay colonized. If the 'lion' share of any country's economy belongs to another country, if the troops of that country stand on our borders, it is not serious to talk about Armenian-Russian relations, they are vassal relations." As to the information that Moscow and Yerevan are preparing a document that should guarantee the absence of foreign military servicemen in Armenia, Tigran Khzmalyan responds: "I will be glad if such a document is signed. Now the only foreign army is the Russian army."