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“Gutan” Ethnographic Song and Dance Festival lasts for 3 days this year


"Gutan" Song and Dance Festival is being held today for the fifth time. "Starting from August 22, each group assumed responsibility upon themselves, and taught people in different administrative districts of Yerevan songs and dances. We are slowly trying to expand," says the organizer of the festival Arsen Grigoryan. Even though the festival is being complemented with novelties every year, there are also tradional principles, which are kept. "Each group prepares its program with one task each year. Each group refers to a province of Armenia, a region of fulklor, from Cilician Armenia to Artsakh, Lori, Syunik." Every year, a large number of songs and dances are saved from oblivion. Starting from the 10 groups, 17 traditional songs and dance groups are taking part in the Gutan festival today. In addition to the number of participants, Gutan also expands geography. "Every year Gutan is also being held in Artsakh. We also hope to be in border towns. " "Gutan" festival is being held with the support of Yerevan Municipality and RA Ministry of Culture since 2014.