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Ombudsman's Office to deal with issue of dissatisfaction with removal of garbage


The ombudsman's office will deal with the issue of discontent with regard to garbage disposal: numerous complaints have been received In recent days, the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia has been addressed with complaints regarding the implementation of garbage disposal by the Armenian branch of "Sanitek", with violation of the established schedule. In statements, as well as in the media and social networks, there are reports that garbage collection has been improperly performed for about two weeks in various parts of the capital, and in some cases it has not been carried out at all, calls and complaints to the "Sanitek" hotline remain unanswered. Citizens are not properly informed of the delay in the work or the timing of their implementation. Considering that these complaints and public concerns indicate the public significance of the issue, the procedure of the discussion began in the Ombudsman's office. The measures provided by law are taken in connection with the fulfillment of obligations by "Sanitek".