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The law does not fully regulate the animal storage area


The world's prestigious "The Daily Mail" touched upon the problem of bears kept in leisure centers in bad conditions in Armenia by publishing photos of a bear kept in one of the entertainment halls in the Hrazdan gorge, writing that the hungry bear in the picture hopes that something from the table will reach to him. Also, International Animal Rescue noted: “Many bears are being kept captive in miserable conditions across Armenia, including in the capital city of Yerevan.  Some have been incarcerated for years in cramped cages with scarcely any food or water. Their environment meets none of their psychological or physical needs. They have very little space to move around in. They are given unsuitable and insufficient food and no environmental enrichment to distract and amuse them. The bears have been deprived of their dignity and their freedom. They lack everything they need to live life as nature intended.” A1 + has hosted Mariam Tashchian, the editor of website.