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"Citizen threatened to lose his job, if he did not say Yes to new Constitution" (video)

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Our co-citizens are not interested in the campaigning ahead of a constitutional referendum scheduled for December 6. The campaign has already been completed, while the majority of respondents did not follow the Yes and No in the debate. Though the campaign is drawing to a close many of our respondents say they do not follow the debates of the “Yes” and “No” camps. A number of political parties and NGOs have been participating in the campaign which has lasted for nearly two months. The “Yes” front includes the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (HHK), Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) and Armenian Revolutionary Federation –Dashnaktsutyun. The “No” front is represented by the Armenian National Congress (HAK), Country of Law Party (OEK) and New Armenia Public Salvation Front. This constitutional referendum will be the fourth in the history of independent Armenia. The Constitution is adopted or amended through a referendum, by the initiative of the president of the republic or the National Assembly. The draft constitution put to a referendum shall be considered adopted if more than half of the participants vote in favor of the package, but not less than one quarter of all registered voters. According to the list of voters released in November, the number of eligible voters in Armenia is 2.551.682 people. Watch the video to know the opinion of our co-citizens on the draft amendments that envisage Armenia’s transition to a parliamentary system of government.