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Edward Nalbandian: Azerbaijan resolved “territorial integrity” issue, but where did “self-determination” get lost? (Video) (video)


There were doubts as to what extent it is possible to keep the format of the OSCE Minsk Group. The impression was that they had nothing to do anymore, but it was very important to keep that format. The statement at the level of foreign ministers that this format will be maintained was very important. It was also important to maintain the OSCE mission led by Ambassador Kasprzyk, and there was full support with that statement. And what is left? The main thing is the status; Karabakh’s status, which in fact is not in that statement. The issue is open, and it should be discussed in the future. Edward Nalbandian, Honorary Doctor of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, said at the roundtable discussion organized by Sputnik Armenia today.


He noted that the interim temporary status that should have been given to Karabakh was a very important, serious point because the question is what will happen to Karabakh, how will it be governed.


As per Nalbandian, an interim status for Nagorno-Karabakh should provide guarantees of security and self-governance. "The interim status, which the parties were discussing in all the documents, was a very serious point where it was noted that during that period, Karabakh should form branches of power, law enforcement bodies, courts, be able to become a member in international organizations, receive direct international investments, to enter foreign markets, and so on. These are a group of questions, and the most important is what the security issue will be in the interim period," the former Armenian Foreign Minister concluded.