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Karo Paylan is not alone - Collection of signatures in Turkey in defense of Armenian MP


The Eurasian Center for Strategic Studies (ASAM) in Turkey has targeted Armenian MP Karo Paylan, who called for peace in the framework of the Armenian-Azerbaijani armed conflict, reports.

In its statements published in the newspapers, ASAM called Paylan a "traitor" and a "representative of a party supporting the terrorist groups."

The organization called on the judiciary and the parliament to "take the necessary measures" against the latter, thus, in fact, targeting the Armenian MP.

After that announcement, a collection of signatures started in support of Karo Paylan ․

“MP Karo Paylan has become a target of hate speech to voice his opinion, he has been declared an enemy. We have witnessed many times how such targeting leads to tragedies and destructions. That is why we all declare that Karo Paylan is not alone” is written in the signature collection text .

The statement was signed by many politicians, former and current officials, intellectuals, artists, doctors, teachers, workers, ordinary citizens.