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In the information field, the enemy targeted the weakest segment - Aleksey Chalabyan (video)

Aleksey Chalabyan, a member of the founding board of Wikimedia Armenia, told "A1+" that Azerbaijani hackers are targeting the wider masses of our society today, both in terms of cybercrime and psychological information.

Chalabyan emphasizes that the issue of awareness of the general public is our weakest point.

"The general security of the system is conditioned by the security of the weakest link, that is, if we have very well-protected servers, very good specialists, but our users are not protected, they are not literate, in that case the security of the system decreases sharply."

According to the expert, the enemy, however, does not manage to cause panic in our society, which is due to their illiterate approach, as well as the public trust in our state agencies.

"If the Ministry of Defense did not work transparently, the actions of the enemy would be much more effective, that is, little by little people understand that not everything that is written should be believed, but of course, we are far from literate approaches."