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Tour de France 2020 to be delayed by one month

ASO, the organizer of the Tour de France 2020 cycling race, intends to postpone the launch of the race for a month due to a coronavirus pandemic.

This year's race is scheduled for June 27, but organizers want to move it to July 25 to be more safe from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

To this end, the organizing committee monitored the cities hosting the cycling race to find out if they agreed to postpone the competition for a month. Michel Via, the mayor of Priva, where the fifth round is going to take place, said that there is no difference for them, as few tourists are expected this summer. Another mayor said that it will be better to reschedule the tour in August instead of canceling it.

The director of Tour de France-2020, Christian Prudom, said that the duration of cycling remains unchanged, but it all depends on the situation in France in connection with the coronavirus pandemic in the summer.