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The number is constantly increasing - Girl from Gyumri tell about Belgium

Our compatriot Lida Badoyan is currently living in Brussels, Belgium. The girl from Gyumri had left for Belgium to study for a master's degree and to work at the same time.

During the talk with "A1+," Lida tells that lessons are being held online and this will continue till September.

As for the job, it is also organized form home. Lida teaches English in Brussels and communicates with students via video call.

"The situation is quite serious as the number is constantly growing. Quarantine has been announced, but it is allowed to train outside, to walk near the house, to go to the store, to the pharmacy."

Lida sadly mentions that people break quarantine regime, visit their relatives, so they do not keep social distance. But what is good that the government of Belgium really takes serious steps to help citizens financially, of course, if they have a corresponding contract.

To our question whether she has not want to return during this period, Lida responds that she has plans to return in June, but if the situation does not calm down, she may cancel as according to her the airport now is one of the most dangerous places, and she would definitely endanger many people.

To note, according to the latest data, 16,770 people have been infected with the coronavirus in Belgium, of which 1143 has died and 2872 has recovered.