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Coronavirus diagnosed among employees of Vardashen Penitentiary Protection Department


The sampling for coronavirus testing was carried out at Vardashen Penitentiary Institution of the Ministry of Justice of RA, as a result of which a COVID-19 was diagnosed at one of the employees of the Vardashen Penitentiary Protection Department. Then, as a result of the necessary and operative work, COVID-19 was found at 4 employees of the above-mentioned department.

All 5 people were isolated in medical institutions. To add, the above- mentioned employees carry out their service outside the residential of zone of penitentiary institution and have no contact with detainees or convicts.

The other 28 employees of the "Vardashen" penitentiary protection department of the Ministry of Justice of RA are currently isolated and are being sampled.

Necessary anti-epidemic and preventive measures are being taken in penitentiaries.