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Georgia and Russia to provide “green zone” for Armenian cargo (video) (video)

 Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan meets with heads of large export and import companies in the government. In his speech, the Prime Minister said:

“First of all, I want to thank you that , despite all the difficulties, you continue to work as normally as possible. Of course, at this time, we have the task of coordinating our operations and ensuring maximum conditions for exports from our country and imports to our country. I can say that we have been working with our Georgian and Russian partners in recent days, and yesterday we reached an agreement that both Georgia and Russia would provide, so to say, a "green zone" for EAEU cargoes, that is, through Georgia and in Upper Lars, a separate zone will be allocated, virtually , for Armenian cargo. Of course, agreement at the political level is an arrangement, but it has yet to be realized and brought to life.  

Also, since there are quick decisions to impose different restrictions in Russia now and this may cause some panic in Armenia, it is particularly important for consumers to note that we have reached an agreement that, virtually , the restrictions to be stated will not refer to EAEU or at least Armenia. "   The Prime Minister emphasized that the above-mentioned arrangement is clear and final. Nikol Pashinyan added that given the problem of product supply, Russian partners are also interested in delivering products in their stores and consumer markets on a regular basis.  

Nikol Pashinyan notes that he receives import statistics on a daily basis and adds that we have enough stocks of goods in the country. "We also need to understand how we coordinate export and import issues during this period so that the agreements we have had with the political leadership of Russia and Georgia can be implemented properly," the head of government says.   Afterwards, the businessmen presented the problems and difficulties arising from the current situation due to the export and import problems and came up with suggestions for their solution. In his turn, Minister of Economy Tigran Khachatryan and Chairman of the State Revenue Committee David Ananyan made the necessary clarifications.   The Prime Minister instructed the Minister of Economy to introduce a mechanism to keep in touch with the businessmen, which will enable them to respond to their problems as soon as possible and find operative solutions. Nikol Pashinyan emphasises that taking into account foreign exchange and logistical issues, the government has approved several anti-crisis mitigation programs by the coronavirus program, which share the risks of the entrepreneurs through the proposed instruments, offering preferential loans, including zero-interest loans. "Our political will is to do whatever we can to help entrepreneurs," the prime minister emphasized, stressing the importance of introducing mechanisms that would allow the state and the private sector to act quickly and effectively in crisis situations.