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"Antares is collecting smiles" campaign

Today's most discussed topic in social media is Coronavirus. But the photos named "Antares is collecting smiles" have come to "break" this serious theme. Antares needed these smiling photos for social advertisment, but Facebook users made it a unique flash mob.

Armen Martirosyan, the director of "Antares" publication says that perhaps it is more interesting to smile and to share smiles. People smile, take photos and post them in social media. Martirosyan also mentions that this helps keep positive mood.

According to him, there will also be other such social projects as well. For this advertisment, they need 15-20 famous and impressive smiling faces. He says he would like such photos that the first thing that comes to the focus is the smile. "I think people smile with eyes and then with mouth. Some posters will have photos of smiling emojis with taraz." If the selected photos belong to children, "Antares" will ask for their parents' permission for using those photos in advertisment. Martirosyan says, "They say the warmer it gets, the slower the virus will spread. This [advertising campaign] will rise the temperature in Armenia."