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Yerevan's “Pyunik” joins European clubs fighting against Coronavirus

Fans of European football clubs are organizing special campaigns aimed at fighting against coronavirus. In particular, in Germany football fans have created a virtual map of the country, where fans can register and participate in the process of helping older people. Fans of some clubs sell symbolic tickets for the delayed games and transfer the money to charity funds. About 50 European clubs have joined the Supporter of each other program, which has four goals:  - Exchange information and tips to help stay safe during coronavirus quarantine  - Provide social outreach to those in quarantine  - Encourage those who volunteer to help  - Exchange new programs and recommendations for the fight against coronavirus   By the way, the Pyunik Football Club of Yerevan has also joined the Supporter of each other program. Clubs from other countries include Donetsk's "Shakhtar", The Netherlands’ “PSV”, Spanish "Getafe", Belgian "Bruges", German "Schalke-04" and others.