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Transportation via subway decreased about 5 times (video)

 The deputy mayor of Yerevan, Sergey Harutyunyan said during press conference that preventing measures against Coronavirus are held from the first day. He said that those citizens who have been second contactors have been asked to be isolated, but he didn't mention any number. He added that during the weekends, they will have the chance to get x-ray checks with doctor's indications. He highlighted the fact that as it was mentioned that people should keep social distance especially as most of the drivers are 60 or above, the number of passengers is less.

According to Sergey Harutyunyan, public transport is disinfected every day including subway, taxes, buses and microbuses. The deputy of Yerevan district director continued that if until now Yerevan Subway had approximately 75.000 passengers daily, it is 15.000 today (decreased 5 times). Even the buses which had 70.000 passengers per day, now they have 20.000. There were 850-900 microbuses every day, now the number decreased to 500. He added that the drivers who are above 60 or have chronic diseases stay at home.