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Նախագահ Արմեն Սարգսյան

Armen Sarkissian organizes contest for students

President Armen Sarkissian has initiated a series of online lectures aimed at providing students with continuous education through the use of distance learning methods amid the state of emergency.

Today, within this framework, the President delivered an online lecture for a group of students of the Faculties of Mathematics and Mechanics, Physics, Informatics and Applied Mathematics, as well as Oriental Studies of the Yerevan State University.

During the 45-minute lecture, the President has touched upon sectoral themes, as well as the spread of the new coronavirus across the world. In order to make the lectures more active and promote the students' educational and research skills and interests, Armen Sarkissian has given homework assignments to the students, setting a deadline for completion of the state of emergency.

In particular, addressing young people studying humanities, the president suggested writing about the changes in the modern Middle East region. Moreover, the works can be not only about the relations between Armenia and Middle East, but also about the role of the Middle East for Russia, Europe or the US.

He suggested that future physicists and mathematicians work on the following topics: mathematical modeling and prevention of global risks - global epidemics (e.g, coronavirus), ways of overcoming global risks (technological, scientific, health, etc.).

The purpose of the student contest is to promote distance learning and the development of digital education. Students from Armenian and Artsakh universities, as well as Armenian students living abroad can participate in the contest.

The volume of essays should not exceed 20 pages. Humanities-related work (in word format) students should submit [email protected], and physicists and mathematicians should send the works [email protected] with their name, surname, place of study (university, faculty, course) and contact information (telephone, email).

The authors of the best three works will receive the Presidential Award.