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Calendar. March 20. Nairi Hunanyan addresses letter to Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan (video) (video)

 On March 20, 1998, Robert Kocharian's press secretary Aghvan Vardanyan was pleased with the quality of the presidential election, and those who does not realize this fact was just hurting Armenia's credit. Mr. Vardanyan said they also found violations that the prosecutor's office would deal with.

On the same day, the Armenian National Movement (ANM) was debating whether the party should be remotely ruled by Vano Siradeghyan, who has been forced to leave Armenia for a long time. Fourteen members of the board, led by Babken Ararktsyan, refused to continue their participation in the board.

On this day in 2001, the deputies of the National Assembly of Armenia asked the Chairman of the Central Bank how Armenia's debt of $ 1 billion could endangers Armenia's independence. Tigran Sargsyan saw no danger yet.

On the same day Vahram Baghdasaryan, an MP from the Unity Alliance, made an appeal to leave the alliance. According to him, the alliance was no longer united and failed to fulfill its obligations under the leadership of Vazgen Sargsyan and Karen Demirchyan.

March 20, 2001 is the day when the Armenian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Embassy signed an agreement allowing soldiers of the Russian military base in Gyumri to use weapons outside the military base. Ambassador Anatoly Dryukov told the reporters that the use of weapons was unacceptable, but if case of emergancy, there was no other choice.

On this day 2002, Nairi Hunanyan, the Chief Defendant of October 27 addressed a letter to Armenian Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan, which stated as follows: Do not disturb the administration of justice.
According to Hunanyan, the Prime Minister's intervention was delaying the trial. Hunanyan also informed that if anything happened to him, it would not be an incident.

Chief Architect of Yerevan Narek Sargsyan complained that some forces disturbed his work from bringing the city to architectural standards. According to him, the pressure was great, but he did not say who the oppressors were.

On this day in 2008, the legal state of Emergency, which was announced by Robert Kocharyan 20 days before, after the murders on March 1 murders, was ceased in Yerevan. Due to illegal censorship in the days of the state of emergency, some newspapers refused to be published, while others were published only after official censorship.