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Calendar. February 17. The Yerkrapahs are ready to hand Vano Siradeghyan over (video)

In 1995 these days, the energy crisis continues in Armenia. Apartments receive only 2 hours of electricity daily. There are real cobwebs of wires between the buildings, that steal power from hospitals, bakeries or tram stations. The authorities can’t fight against stealing the electricity. Besides, it is free. According to “ArmEnergo”, the population pays only 8% of the consumed electricity. The debt of the population for electricity reaches 8 billion AMD.

          On February 17, 1998, the Armenian Ramkavars announces that they will support Robert Kocharyan’s candidacy in the snap presidential elections. Kocharyan promises the Ramkavars to provide fair elections. On this day, in 1998, Michel Legrand, the French Ambassador to Armenia is personally advertising “Castel” beer. This seems to be one of the first products of the future Armenian-French cooperative enterprise.

          On this day in 1998 Yuri Bakhshyan becomes Vice-president of the National Assembly. He substitutes Karapet Rubinyan, a member of Pan-Armenian National Movement, who was quitted two weeks ago. Artur Baghdasaryan and Albert Bazeyan claim the Ara Sahakyan’s office. Baghdasaryan says, he concedes his place to Bazeyan. On February 17, 1998 acting President Robert Kocharyan confesses, that in Armenia there are problems with holding fair elections, but on February 17, 1999, General Prosecutor Aghvan Hovsepyan won’t receive a warm greeting. This man came to the parliament to get Vano Siradeghyan’s prosecution right. The Yerkrapahs are ready to hand Siradeghyan over. Earlier, Kocharyan had threatened to disperse parliament if they didn’t hand him over. The latter votes for handing over. After that, the oppositionist Davit Shahnazaryan proposes to create a temporal commission in preparation for Kocharyan’s resignation.

          On this day in 1999, for the first time it is officially spoken of the realization of the Northern Avenue designed by Alexander Tamanyan. A competition for projects has been announced. There are three projects, two of which provide complete or partial demolition of houses, and one found a way to maintain them.

          On February 17, 2000, Adranik Ozanyan’s ashes are brought from Paris to Yerevan. This was the third attempt to rebury, this time already successful. Ozanyan died 75 years ago in Frezno, America. Until February 20, the actual day of burial in Yerablur, the ashes will be in the Opera House.

          On this day in 2006, businessman, deputy Gagik Tsarukyan announces, that he returns to active legislative work. He appeared in parliament for the Human Rights Defender’s election. On this day in 2011, the policemen in Gyumri don’t allow cars with Georgian vehicle registration plates to reach a protest rally near the government building in Yerevan. The deputy Stepan Safaryan appeals to Parliament Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan to open the way, but the latter is unable to help.

On February 17, 2012, the Minister of Emergency Situations Armen Yeritsyan dismisses rumors that he intended to leave his lovely “Orinats Yerkir” party.