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Arsen Torosyan: Armen Muradyan was lying (video)

After the event organized on the occasion of the Day of Emergency Situations Ministry today, RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan told that Armen Muradyan was lying and referred to the statement of YSMU rector Armen Muradyan yesterday, according to which Arsen Torosyan had said at the Rehabilitation Center of the Homeland Defender a year ago: "50 people were disabled and 50 will die disabled, why did you spend so much money on them?"

In response to a question about what Mikayel Minasyan is aiming at by talking against him, Torosyan replied: “For example, what was the purpose of doing the same thing a year ago? There's been a lot of talk about it, so simple, you ask simple trivial questions.”

Asked whether the revelations in the health sector were the reason, which were also related to Minasyan's father, Torosyan said: "They are, but also they take it very personally."