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Syrian-Armenian convinces his Armenian wife which country's cuisine is the best

"There is always a job for a worker. Who says that there is no, he gave up after one failure." This is the opinion of Syrian-Armenian Harutyun Ter-Baghdasaryan, who has been living and working in Armenia for the past seven years. He earns money and creates the necessary living conditions by making and selling jewelry in Vernisage.
His father helps him in jewelry making. They try to create things that are not common, though it says it is very difficult to do this during this "identical" period.
He misses the Syrian cuisine the most.
"Armenian cuisine is not one of the best. Those, who think so, have never tried Syrian dishes, and I believe that the best is Aleppo's cuisine. Even my Armenian wife is convinced of it," he says.
Syrian-Armenian Hakob Azelyan is well aware of this, and that is why he founded "Deryan" Syrian restaurant six years ago. He also came to Armenia when the Syrian war started. The restaurant's visitors are both Syrians and locals, and they try make tasty and interesting dishes for the demanding society. The preferred dishes of the client are the Syrian humus and kebab species.
He had difficulties with work at the initial stage, but eventually he succeeded.
"Armenia is an expensive country to live and work compared to Syria. There are no production here, everyone sells," he says.
However, he is glad that after a difficult time he was able to create a restaurant that always has visitors.