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Robert Kocharyan’s legal defenders release footage on March 1, 2008 events (video)

The indictment is 1,000 pages, and it has nothing to do with Robert Kocharyan. Hovhannes Khudoyan, an attorney of Armenia’s second President Robert Kocharyan, stated this at a press conference.
Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan had noted during the court hearing that 120 million drams from non-governmental funds were distributed to soldiers. The second president’s legal defender Aram Orbelyan, however, remarked that according to the Defense Ministry’s report, there is no such thing as a120-million-dram private money.
“Later we will see that this money was not distributed in advance for something; it was distributed later, to the military servicemen involved in service during the state of emergency,” attorney Khudoyan added, in turn. “And if that’s presented as a negative phenomenon, let it be commented as to what requirement of the law it runs counter to.”
As to Arthur Davtyan’s statement that the soldiers had been brought in advance and taught to disperse demonstrations, as per Orbelyan, if the soldiers had been brought to disperse demonstrations, the police would not have been brought on March 1.
During the court hearing on May 16, Robert Kocharyan had stated that, before his well-known press conference, former head of the National Security Service (NSS), Gorik Hakobyan, had told him that the demonstrators were using weapons and there were combat grenades.
“He showed me that incident, which is nowhere today; I don’t know where they are,” Kocharyan had said. “Quite interesting stuff as to how a grenade explodes, a police officer dies.”
To the question by A1+ as to whether those videos were destroyed or not included in the case, Aram Orbelyan said that they are not in the case, and they assume that those videos are at the NSS.
As to why they did not petition to the NSS and not get those videos and did not attach them to the case, Hovhannes Khudoyan stressed: “We are not petitioning to the NSS until the well-known case of wiretapping is solved.”
Also, the legal defenders had brought along videos which, according to Hovhannes Khudoyan, were recorded from a tall building in downtown Yerevan. The quality of these videos was not so good, but according to the attorneys, they show that the demonstrators had wooden sticks and various means. And after the straining of the situation, the police troops were using special means.
Robert Kocharyan’s lawyers added that they will transmit these videos to the media in the coming days.