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National Hero would have turned 50


RA National Hero Movses Gorgisyan would have turned 50 today. His family, friends-in-combat and those who supported his ideas climbed to the top of Tsitsernakaberd and bowed in memory of him.

On May 28, 1988, for the first time, Movses Gorgisyan raised the Tricolor flag, became a pioneer of the Armenian army and was the first to die on the battlefield. He died at the age of 28 and went down in history as a National Hero.

When asked if this was the Armenia that Movses Gorgisyan dreamed of, the hero's widow, Ruzanna Gorgisyan replied:

"This is the Armenia that Movses dreamed of. We now have a free and independent Armenia. As to the qualitative changes that that Armenia must undergo, that is a different story. Our country still has a long way to go before it reaches unity. It has to be independent, prosperous and legitimate. We have more expectations from the independent Armenia."

"Being involved in politics and leading the movement during the years of the struggle for independence, Movses realized that the country was at risk. He went to the battlefield and preferred that lifestyle," one of Movses's supporters Samvel Tadevosyan said.

"We all waited to hear what he had to say on the battlefield as well, but he always told us that we simply have to be united. He set an example for us," Movses's friend-in-combat, Aram Sahakyan said. He and other friends of Gorgisyan were awarded medals by RA Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan.

The minister and the leadership of the RA Armed Forces today pledged the following in memory of Movses Grigoryan and in front of the entire Armenian nation: "The Armenian Armed Forces will meet its objective and will keep the country impregnable."