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Cartoonist who loves black humor


Vanadzor resident Vahrad Melikjanyan has become a cartoonist by himself. "I went to an art school in Vanadzor. Then I went to the institute. I studied there for a year, [and] left. First of all, the tuition fee was senselessly high, and secondly, we had two people at the course’s section and the classes were boring, also we had to move to Yerevan. He had moved to the capital, as he was playing in a musical group. "I came to Yerevan because of music. We had such a group and decided to come to Yerevan with the guys from the group because it was easier for them to organize concerts here. It is not so effective from the perspective of making money, so I combine painting with playing. The group members work in different domains as well." After staying in Yerevan for several years, he again moved to Vanadzor and found a job in the Lori region. Details are in the video.