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Arman Pashikyan: The ministry has offered me five times lower salaries


Arman Pashikyan, the Armenian chess champion in 2019, is likely to move to another country because he is close to losing his job. It should be noted that the experienced chess player at the same time is engaged in coaching activities at the GM school founded by Levon Aronian and Gabriel Sargsyan. "The school's funding has been stopped since October 5 of last year. We continue our work for free, until we can see whether or not we will able to re-finance. If this continues in this way, then, naturally, we cannot work for a long time," the chess player said in an interview with "A1+." As Arman Pashikyan informed, the RA Ministry of Sport has offered to continue the work with five times lower salaries, which, according to him, is unacceptable. "As for the high money that we have received, all our coaches can earn more money in the private sector by conducting individual exercises. Chess, as opposed to other sports, makes it possible to conduct distance training with the help of a Skype and make money in that way." Arman Pashikyan does not hide that in case of the closure of the GM School he will probably accept the offer from abroad. "Now I have an offer from abroad to do training with better conditions than in a GM school, but I just want to live in Armenia and help Armenian chess players. If the school does not get funding, then I will decide how to do it,"concluded the renowned chess player.