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Zaruhi Postanjyan becomes defender of Sasna Tsrer case


Zaruhi Postanjyan, the head of the Yerkir Tsirani (Country of Apricot) party, has been involved in Sasna Tsrer's case today. The court of general jurisdiction of Yerevan, under the presidency of Judge Mesrop Makyan, continued the trial of 10 members of Sasna Tsrer. It was decided that Zaruhi Postanjyan will now defend Pavel Manukyan and Armen Bilyan. At today's trial, Karen Hakobyan and Vahe Petrosyan, who were in freedom after being captured by the Police Petrol Regiment building, should be questioned, but they did not attend the session. Judge Mesrop Makyan said that their location was unknown to the court, and even the lawyer of one of them had no information about his client. Thus, the court session was postponed for a week due to their absence.