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Armenak Mnjoyan: I am like a mushroom caused by moisture (video)


A few days before his death, Armenak Mnjoyan had a telephone conversation with "A1 +" journalist. Armenak Mnjoyan, a lifelong prisoner for the case of Dro, recently dies at Nubarashen Prison. He never gave up in the years of imprisonment. He was describing the environment in which he had been convicted and serving his sentence for more than 20 years as an "unprecedented disaster in the justice sphere." In his interview to "A1 +" in 2011, Armenak Mnjoyan responded to the question about the necessity of changes in the country: "Any government is unable to record any progress in the development, especially when the struggle is between the 'former' and the 'present.' No progress has been made in the history of civilizations only through evolution, it has been combined with revolutionary active developments and from the moment that immodesty has become a rule in society," said Armenak Mnjoyan and added that when the new quality acquired through political change will become a demand realized by the society, then the real revolution will begin. Mnjoyan always found the ways to express his political and civic standpoints. He was concerned about Artsakh, he expressed his opinion on the policy pursued by the Armenian-Turkish protocols, about his party, and the ARF. During the former government, he addressed an open letter to the three presidents, accusing one of them for unjustly executing the death penalty, the other- for "sending" him to a "slow death," instead of the death penalty, and asking the third president to remember those who are in life prison in a country with a Christian tradition. But he was not granted pardon even today by the new authorities. And he had no hope, and, at the end, he did not even seek freedom. A few days before his death, Armenak Mnjoyan expressed concern over the recent events. "Here I have became a mushroom caused by moisture. But my situation is preferable to the old and the new state of power which do not differ from one another. I am  a living organism at least... I feel excellent because I'm still here and away from a fictitious patriotic environment. If I was granted freedom and resisted those who gave me freedom, society would see me as an ungrateful 'Kurdish dog.' And if I supported them, that same society would accuse me of being pro-government or self-interested. And there will not be a layer that will accept you, as you are, that freedom is the opportunity that will secure your freedom of movement in various fields without constraints and additions. This problem is unsettled for me." These lines are written by Armenak Mnjoyan just days before his death. And on the day before the death, he also send a video message which is presented below.