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5 days before election: Serzh Sargsyan's achievements

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What important news did Gagik Tsarukyan gave to his teammates 5 days before the 2017 election? Why was Arman Musinyan convinced that Levon Ter-Petrosyan's peace plan will win voters' confidence 5 days before the 2017 election? Which achievements of Serzh Sargsyan did Armen Martirosyan list 5 days before the 2017 election. For what did Serzh Sargsyan say 5 days before the election: "It's not nice Taron jan." Where was Gagik Tsarukyan representing what a true politician should be 5 days before the 2012 election? What important work was done with the support of Americans 5 days before the 2007 elections? Why Alaverdi TV was deprived of air 5 days before the 2003 election? Who did swears by his head that were no bribe-taker among his fellow party members 5 days before the 1999 election? Which politician was warmly welcomed on that day, but what he said was questionable. Why was Ruben Hayrapetyan's candidacy canceled 5 days before the 1995 election? The answers to all questions are presented in the video: Let us refresh the memory by answering the quiz questions.