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Aram Sargsyan: The RPA has tried to divide the field into black and white


In order to make investments, the Association Agreement with the European Union should be signed. "There are investments in Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan do not have the opportunity to invest." Aram Sargsyan, the leader of "Menk" (We) alliance's proportional list, insists that Russia does not want to invest in Armenia. "Russia takes property in debt in this country which is valuable and expensive, it takes the gas pipeline, the energy system." Nevertheless, the "Menk" alliance does not offer to leave the EAEU immidietly. "We propose to enter a new environment step by step." Aram Sargsyan touches upon the campaign of RPA - My Step. "The Republican has tried to divide the field into black and white, and their pictures are like that, they try to say that the only forces in the field are the Republican and the Civil Contract, there are no other forces."