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Education is no longer becoming at the focus- expert


According to educational expert Serob Khachatryan, there should be focus on educational issues. "But the elections, the political processes are much more dramatic for the public and education is no longer becoming at the focus." According to him, the reforms in education have been ineffective because teachers and lecturers were against them. "How can you imagine the development of education in this case, this is the biggest problem?" Serob Khachatryan believes that teachers and lecturers should be encouraged. "There is a need of bringing bright people in order to give hope to people." He attaches importance to the increase in the education budget. "This government increases it by 10 percent, unfortunately, it will not affect salaries now." According to the educational expert, educational programs should be changed. "We must completely change the content of education, it should focus on the development of thinking."