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Silent eyewitness of history of Yerevan. Premiere of movie produced by “A1+” in Moscow Cinema (video)

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Our centennial capital, which has a history of centuries and a cuneiform “birth certificate,” celebrates its 2800th anniversary. “A1+” TV Company has decided to prepare a jubilee gift film. The artistic director of the film, Mesrop Movsesyan, gathered a team of professionals who became also ideologists. The idea of ​​the film is love that we dedicate to our motherland and the warmth we get from our city, which is not the usual capital city, it is the center of the Armenians. Yerevan is our memory, our history, and Ararat is the silent eyewitness of this history. Ellips GA LLC, in particular Aleksan and Gurgen Zakaryans, became teammates and ideologists and showed their unselfish financial support to the film as the city-loving Yerevan residents. The premiere of “Glance of Mt. Ararat” movie produced by “A1+” TV Company, will be held tomorrow, on October 19, at 20:00, in Moscow Cinema. The film is devoted to the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan and those who love this city.