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Aznavour returns Vardan Petrosyan to stage (video)


Vardan Petrosyan will again return to the stage after a five-year break. As a special guest, he will participate in the "Aznavour for you" concert, dedicated to the memory of world-famous chansonnier, to be held at Alexander Spendiaryan National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater on October 29 and 30. According to the leader of the project, Hayk Petrosyan, this was a planned concert and it was hoped that Aznavour would be present. Choosing from more than 1300 songs of Aznavour is not an easy task, but there are about 20 mandatory songs that will of course be heard. The participants of the concert are Gor Sujyan, Iveta Mukuchyan, Masha Mnjoyan and Sona Rubenyan. Aznavour's songs will also be translated into Armenian. The author of the translation is Perch Turabyan. The orchestra, composed of twenty musicians, is a team of musicians selected for this particular program from the Armenian National Symphony Orchestra and jazz band. The ticket price scale will be lower, according to the organizers' words.