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Andranik Kocharyan: Robert Kocharyan is like recidivist who violates the constitution


There would not be March 1, if Defense Minister Mikael Harutyunyan opposed Robert Kocharyan in 2008 and did not bring the army against its own people. "I consider it the worst year for our army. We have never had such a weak defense minister who was able to be forced to do not only unlawful actions, but also he made a decision to use the army against its own people," said member of the former Pastahavaq Group Andranik Kocharyan in a conversation with "A1 +." According to Andranik Kocharyan, Mikael Harutyunyan, who is now wanted, should be detected and questioned as soon as possible. "I used to say that he had to wake up his officer's honor, but I realized he had lost that feeling long ago, when signing such orders. When Mikael Haruyunyan said in Pastahavaq Group, 'Dear Andranik, why did you give me that matter?' He immediately revealed that this issue should not be given to him." Member of Pastahavaq group excludes that Robert Kocharyan was unaware of the 0038 order. "Robert Kocharyan forgets that if he had been the president of Armenia, they were obliged to report him, and those legal issues would have to be noticed by Kocharyan's advisers, and we know he had a very prominent, powerful legal advisers, including David Harutyunyan, who would hardly miss that." In the case of March 1, former Pastahavaq group, especially the 5th report, which refers to the involvement of the army, has a weighty role for the reopened of the criminal case. "Seyran Ohanyan and Mikael Harutyunyan can say more than Yuri Khachaturov. The entire ideology of this order formation came from Robert Kocharyan, but I was sure that chief of the general stuff was involved in the preparation of the order and that defense minister of that time was a mandatory participant. Yuri Khachaturov was in charge of managing this new command structure in the preparation of this order." According to Andranik Kocharyan, all the military-related processes in the framework of the March 1 criminal case must be completed quickly, keeping the armed forces away from discrediting, especially when the police, the NSS and the investigative bodies remain in shadow. "Do not accept the words of Robert Kocharyan. He is like a recidivist who violates the constitution. He must also show his masculinity, when he does not have the power," said Andranik Kocharyan and added, "Robert Kocharyan will never tell you the truth, so do not have big hopes. Neither he nor his surroundings will ever say that the yoghurt is white, and if it has to be said that the yoghurt is black, they will invite David Harutyunyan, who will definitely find a legal justification for it." He is convinced that the discovery of March 1, 2008, will open a road for revealing October 27, as it will reveal investigators who will be able to identify 27 by their qualifications.