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Sargsyan's statement is a guideline for Republican MP (video)


Republican Karine Achemyan has revealed Armenia’s interior enemy. “That is corruption. All officials who squander the budget or block the way of foreign investments should be punished,” he says. The lawmaker believes the statements of the Prime Minister and Serzh Sargsyan concerning the fight against corruption. “We should all be guided by the thesis the president suggested in the fight against corruption,” she said. Styopa Safaryan, founder and head of the Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs, heard the pro-government representative with skepticism. “I have never hoped this government will carry out reforms or fight against corruption,” he said. Mr Safaryan was particularly suprised to hear that proposals about the fight against corruption and monopolies should been sent to the e-mail of the Minister-Chief of the Armenian Government Staff [Davit Harutyunyan]. “I do not think that they do not know where to start the fight from and need our proposals for it,” Mr Safaryan said. He believes that the authorities can fight against corruption without any support by public if they really have the will and desire . “They are more informed of that mechanism of privileges and know how it works, they know how monopolies are gained and abused, how the competition is devastated and the economy is suffocated,” he concluded.