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Joint opposition headquarters: With these steps, the regime makes people go to the polls and say "No" to new Constitution

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During the peaceful rally organized by the New Armenia opposition group at Yerevan’s Liberty Square on Tuesday evening, the authorities applied their old and shameful methods to disperse the protesters, the joint opposition headquarters of the New Armenia opposition movement said in a statement. "First, roadblocks at all major thoroughfares connecting provinces with capital Yerevan were reported on the morning and well into the afternoon on Tuesday just before the start of the rally. Second, attempts have made to obstruct the campaign several times. A few days before the December 6 constitutional referendum, the authorities are roughly violating at least two of the fundamental rights of RA citizens – the right to freedom of assembly and the right to free movement. And after this shameful behaviour the regime still hopes that people can have a positive attitude to the constitutional reform initiated by Serzh Sargsyan’s administration. With these steps, the regime makes people go to the polls on December 6 and say “No” to the anti-constitutional initiative of the regime," the statement reads in part.