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Ucom’s UKID smart watch is available in new colors, with new application and will work in 4G network

Ucom offers all parents to acquire one of the completely new and multicolorfed uKid smart watches operating in 4G network for their children. It works with the updated, more convenient, top-notch uKid application endowed with new opportunities and meeting the market requirements together with a more affordable, uKid 1500 tariff plan. Parents can buy the watches without subscription, from Ucom’s online shop, as well as from Ucom sales and service centers, paying 34.900 AMD in cash or 970 AMD per month, in case of 36 months subscription.

New uKid watches now have a more powerful battery, and a possibility to take photos and videos. Those are presented in 5 different colors and have replacement tapes. The new watches also have RoH certificate, which ensures that uKid does not contain substances hazardous to health. 

“With uKid, the child will receive phone calls and short messages solely from the phone numbers, defined by parents, send messages and notifications to parents, who in their turn will be able to track the location of their kid on their smartphones at any time. uKid is the best solution for parents of 5 to 12-year-old children especially if, for various reasons, they avoid buying a smartphone for their child,” mentioned Ralph Yirikian, Director General at Ucom. 

The new, uKid tariff plan is more affordable now. Paying only 1500 AMD per month, parents will make sure their kids get 5000 minutes within the Ucom mobile network, 2 GB of mobile internet instead of the previous 1 GB, and 300 SMS within the Ucom mobile network for their children. Upon the consumption of the inclusions, one can use uKid at 5 AMD/MB for mobile internet, 12 AMD/minute for calls to all local networks and Artsakh, and 5 AMD/SMS to send short messages to all local networks and Artsakh. 

Let us add that at the moment uKid application is available for the smartphones running on the Android operating system, and it will soon be available for iOS smartphones as well.