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A state the president of which openly talks about his plans to create aggression against its democratic neighbour (video)

Mr Ruben RUBINYAN Armenia,

I won't talk about Nagorno-Karabakh itself because we will have a different debate on that, a separate debate. But I will update you on the relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Dear colleagues, During the last session we held a debate after Azerbaijan attacked the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia, occupied some part of it, and bombed civilian infrastructures deep inside Armenian territory. Back then, during the debate, most of the speakers called on Azerbaijan to immediately withdraw its troops from the sovereign territory of Armenia.

Now, a couple of months have passed, and unfortunately I can't say that this has happened. Azerbaijan continues to occupy sovereign Armenian territory, and recently, the president of Azerbaijan, Mr Aliyev, proudly said that Azerbaijan now has better positions which will be needed in the future, and that Azerbaijan reserves itself the right to strike objects both within Azerbaijan and outside of it, whether it will be needed.

But this is not the most horrendous thing that Mr Aliyev said. In an act of revisionism and warmongering, he said that half of Armenia is historic Azerbaijan, including the capital Yerevan. He called Armenia Western Azerbaijan. This term, this revisionist, irredentist term, Western Azerbaijan, has now entered official Azerbaijani language. It's an obvious intent to continue the aggression against the Republic of Armenia. They shouldn't be acceptable.

Dear colleagues, You all, better than no one, know that wars, aggressions, start with words. You can easily recognise words which can potentially lead to aggression, to unlawful aggression. I think this is the time that we should stop just talking about the aggressive state of Azerbaijan, but it is this time that we need a resolution on Azerbaijan.

A state the president of which openly talks about his plans to create aggression against its democratic neighbour. This shouldn't be acceptable for our organisation. It shouldn't be acceptable for Europe. I count on your support. Thank you.