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Mikayel and Karen Vardanyans provided 136 million AMD support for the overhaul of the Myasnikyan statue, which was in unsafe state of disrepair

The restoration of Alexander Myasnikyan’s monument complex, initiated in August, 2020, has been completed. Since 1980 this is the first time that major repairs have been done to ​​the monument, created by architect Jim Torosyan and sculptor Ara Shiraz. The monument has been completely restored with the financing of Mikayel and Karen Vardanyans.

As a result, the initial appearance of the monument has not been changed. Considering the unsafe state of disrepair of the monument’s back wall, which could be a threat to people's lives, it was completely changed and restored with the same type of Armenian granite plates. The Ministry of Culture approved the major repairs project, and Yerevan Municipality issued the construction permit.

The drafting and examination of the design and calculation documents of the memorial were also carried out with the financial support of the Vardanyan family. The Vardanyan brothers provided 136 million AMD for the restoration of the monument.