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Noticeboards have been placed in the areas of 38 monuments

According to the decision 892-N of the Republic of Armenian Government in 2019, the “Historical Cultural Reserve-Museum and Historical Environment Protection Service” SNCO of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports was instructed to place multilingual signs with QR codes in the areas of monument groups or separate tourist attractions.
“Preservation Service” SNCO has placed noticeboards in the territories of 38 monuments in four regions of the republic: Ararat, Aragatsotn, Kotayk and Vayots dzor.
The names of the monuments are written in Armenian, Russian, French, Persian, English. It is also possible to get acquainted with the brief information through the Braille system /5 languages/.
More detailed information about the monument can be found through QR code on the signs.
The initiative with the aim of making our cultural heritage more recognizable will be continued. It is planned to place similar boards in other regions in the near future.
P.S. The noticeboards have been placed in the areas of the following monuments in Kotayk region: St Astvatsatsin church /Yeghvard/, Vardan Zoravar church /Alapars/, Monastic complex Artavazavank /Artavaz/, Monastic complex Teghenyats /Buzhakan/, Church complex Poghos-Petros /Akunq/, Monastic complex Karenis, Ptghavank church, Ptghni temple /Ptghni/, Charents arch /Voghjaberd/, Monastic comlex Havuts Tar, Monastic complex Tezharuyk Vank /Meghradzor/, Monastic complex Kecharis /Tsakhkadzor/, Monastic complex Makravank /Hrazdan/, St Hovhannes church /Alapars/, St Sargis church /Bjni/, Arinj cemetery /Arinj/, Kaptavank church /Kaputan/.
The noticeboards of Ararat region are as follows: old settlement “Spitak Vank”, Cyclopyean Fortress of Lanjar community, “Artashat settlement”, “Dvin settlement”, “Mets shuka” of Dvin, old settlement “Hortun”, St Hovhannes church, old settlement “Aghjots”, Monastic complex “Havuts tar”, Fortress “Asni”.
The noticeboards of Aragatsotn region are as follows: “Akhtamir” Fortress complex, “Akhtamir castle”, ancient site “Verin naver”, ancient site “Nerkin naver”.
The noticeboards of Vayots dzor region are as follows: Fortress “Qyoshk”, chapel “Tukh Manuk”, Tomb of Orbelyans, old settlement “Hostun”, St Nshan church, “Khotakerats vank”.