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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan Presents Report on Implementation of Procedure and Results of RA Government Programme for 2020 (video)


At April 14 NA regular sitting, the report on the Implementation of the Procedure and the Results of the RA Government Programme for 2020 approved by the decision of the RA Government N 65-A of 8 February 2019 approved by the decision of the RA No 242-A of 25 February 2021 was debated.

Before beginning the report, the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan congratulated the Yazidi community of Armenia on the occasion of the Yazidi New Year, thanking them for their efforts made for the development of our country.

According to the Prime Minister, the year 2019 was an unprecedented successful one, as extremely high economic results were registered. In particular, we had 7,6% economic growth and the pre-planned income plan of the budget was overfulfilled by 63bln.

The dynamic of economic growth was continued in January-February 2020, more than 9% of economic activity was registered. In March, however, the coronavirus pandemic entered into the republic, due to which the crisis period began. The next blow was the war unleashed by Azerbaijan in September with its grave consequences. The Prime Minister underlined that stemming from the situation the Government implemented crisis management during that period.

200,000 citizens were infected by coronavirus, more than 3770 people died because of the pandemic, and the economic downturn was 7,6%. 25 anti-crisis measures were implemented in the framework of which 1,1mln psychical and 83,000 legal entities received support. In the framework of the anti-crisis package of coronavirus 239bln AMD was available to the beneficiaries, out of which the state budget expenditure was 55bln AMD. The borrowed funds from the state budget were 20bln AMD, the rest of the measures were implemented through the banking system.