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The battle for Shushi continues (video)

Yesterday night and today all day long the battles in different directions of the frontline continued. The fighting was intense.
In the north, the Azerbaijani troops, mainly small tactical groups, with the support of artillery fire, tried to attack our position, but suffering losses were thrown back.
In the direction of Martuni early in the morning after certain successes our army was able to stop the adversary.
In the city of Shushi, in the surrounding areas, under the fences, on the roads leading to Shushi, fierce fighting continued throughout the day. At the moment, the fights continue, although the intensity has greatly decreased.
The Azerbaijani armed forces have tried several times to break through Berdzor, probably trying to reach for help to their units fighting in Shushi. Nevertheless, suffering great losses they were thrown back, they even escaped.
At the moment the battles continue, the general situation can be considered as quite positive. Our troops are able not to allow the adversary have success in any direction, but the battles are still going on.
The battle for Shushi continues.
Artsrun Hovhannisyan