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41 doctors from Center for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Diseases submit application for dismissal - Open letter to Pashinyan

The RA Ministry of Health has made a decision to terminate the contract of the director of the R. Yolyan Hematology Center Samvel Danielyan, which was followed by the dismissal application of Gevorg Tamamyan, the head of the Center for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Diseases of Armenia.

During Samvel Danielyan's two years in office, the Hematology Center has made rapid progress, which was possible only due to the consistent work of the director, who has decades of experience in managing the field, who knows the problems and features of the field, and the joint efforts of all team members.

Taking into account this unreasonable and illogical decision made, please review the given decision, giving an opportunity to continue the unfinished programs aimed at the development of the sphere. We would like to inform you that in case of termination of Samvel Danielyan's activity, exercising our constitutional right, we will terminate our clinical activity within the framework of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Service from October 1 of this year. We inform about our decision in advance in order to take appropriate measures and to organize the treatment properly in order not to endanger the lives of the children.