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Verishen settlement of Goris community to have drinking water

The issue of drinking water in Verishen was one of the most urgent issues in the community. The quality of the water flowing from the taps of the settlement is risky for the health of the population and for outbreaks of various diseases, therefore possible efforts have been made to solve the problem.

As a result of state-community cooperation, the construction of a catchment water supply line has started within the framework of the subsidy program. 4 catchments will be built. 5500 lines of water line will be laid. As a result of the works carried out, the amount of water pumped from the natural sources to the settlement will increase. The construction works are carried out by Anapak-2 SC.

"Many tourists come to Verishen settlement during the year, but because of water issue, the infrastructure does not develop. The tourism services in the settlement are poorly developed, while the huge flow of tourists coming to Goris is to Verishen settlement. Therefore, as a result of solving the drinking water problem, there will be economic activity in the settlement," said Arush Arushanyan, the head of Goris community.

In Verishen, the areas adjacent to the house of culture are being renovated, and an art center is being established in the house of culture. Adjacent to the House of Culture is a 4th century church built on a pagan temple and other valuable cultural heritages that bring many tourists to the settlement.