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Armenia does not allow flying to Egypt, instead "Anriva Tour" invites Garni to support Lebanon

Armenia does not open its air route with Egypt, commenting that applications for flights for tourist purposes are subject to rejection during the state of emergency.

Lilit Babayan, project coordinator at "Anriva Tour," says the view would be acceptable if, for example, there were no confirmed flights to Dubai, which is another tourist destinations, although it is interpreted as transit country for these days.

From July 1, Egypt is open to tourists, where hotels have passed special inspections and received the appropriate certificates.

No cases of infection have been registered during this period, and since September 1, the country has been accepting tourists with a negative PCR test.

The representative of "Anriva Tour" says that the Secretary General of the UN World Tourism Organization Zurab Pololikashvili, who went to Egypt to get acquainted with the situation, was simply impressed by the work carried out in the field of tourism and thanked the Egyptian government.

Direction to Garni.

Due to the epidemic, the representatives of the sphere of tourism are in a very difficult situation, but they are trying to come up with new initiatives.

On September 4, a charity concert-tour will be held in Garni in support of the Lebanese people by the idea of "Anriva tour."

There is no set amount ․ Everyone can participate to the best of their ability. Admission and direct transportation to Garni temple is free. Because of the state of emergency, participation should be confirmed via registration in advance to avoid further accumulation during the tour.

To note, all collected money will be donated to Lebanese-Armenians.