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English teacher's hobby that becomes business

Siranush Arshakuni, an English teacher at a school in the village of Shirakamut (Nalband), does not rest when she returns from school; she Or gives the threads a new life. 42-year-old Siranush was taught to work with threads by her grandmother at the age of 5-6. She did not think that her favorite hobby would one day become a way to earn money.

She remembers receiving her first order when she was 19 years old. "I made a scarf and a hat for me, my classmate liked it very much and ordered it, and she decided the price herself by saying that you should appreciate your work," she says.

When the clothes and toys she made became more and more popular, she started the "Knitting by SirA" small business.

"All this is a source of additional income for me, but besides that, I get a lot of pleasure from this," says Siranush.

Be very careful when choosing yarn for fabrics. "Let it be expensive, but with quality. I work with anti-allergic threads and make surprise gifts for almost all orders."

She says that due to the coronavirus, there are more people who are just interested and are admiring her works, rather then become actual customers, but she does not complain.

Although few, but there are orders, the order is ready in 1-10 days, depending on the complexity and volume.