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Video Interview

Now the RA university system is in a worse condition than it was in August 2018 - Smbat Gogyan (video)

Smbat Gogyan, President of the Supreme Certifying Committee (SCC), mentioned in a conversation with "A1+" that in recent decades disgraceful dissertations have been defended without any scientific content. "But let's put that aside, now there is the fact of plagiarism, which should not have been disputable," said Gogyan speaking about the decision to deprive YSU Rector Diana Galoyan of her academic degree.

To remind, about a month ago the Higher Qualification Committee deprived Diana Galoyan of her doctoral degree on the grounds that her doctoral dissertation contained borrowings without authors and citing sources. 

Galoyan had challenged that decision of the SCC, but the Ministry of Education and Science yesterday decided to declare his application invalid.

Smbat Gogyan has not yet decided what he will do in this regard, he is still waiting for the meeting with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Earlier, in May, the chairman of the SCC submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister, saying that his ideas for the reform of education and science did not coincide with the strategy of the ministry. Pashinyan did not sign the resignation, he accepted it and urged to wait. "Diana Galoyan is not the first case that I lose. I expect people who have nothing to do with science to go," he said.

Details are in the video.