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Stone thrown from territory of Azerbaijani Embassy in the Netherlands insulted protesting Armenian girl

A stone thrown from the territory of the Azerbaijani Embassy in the Netherlands insulted an Armenian girl who was participating in a demonstration of the Armenian community condemning the aggression of Azerbaijan against Armenia. 

The aggressive behavior of Azerbaijan made Armenians from all over the world, including Armenians in the Netherlands, to raise their voices due to protest actions. Armenians living in the Netherlands have planned to held two protests. The first of them took place yesterday in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Hague. The second one is taking place today, in the heart of the capital Amsterdam, in Dam Square. Leaflets will be distributed during the demonstration. 

Young people gathered in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy to protest against the provocative actions of Azerbaijan were much more than expected. The Armenian side had previously informed the Dutch police about the plan of the demonstration and the actions taking place and sent one of its representatives to them to settle the issues.

However, the Azerbaijani side organized a conspiracy, trying to transfer the tension to the Armenian-Dutch field, and make clash between Armenians and Azeris. All around the bars "protecting" the building, posters condemning the Armenian "aggression", "Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan" posters and with similar content were hung. The other part of the conspiracy was to keep the supporting Azerbaijanis inside the embassy. Why was it necessary to keep the supporting Azeris in a cage when the local police forces could provide sufficient conditions for the security of the parties?

The insidious Azerbaijani trap was revealed when one of the stones thrown from the territory of the Azerbaijani embassy injured the Armenian girl participating in the protest. There is a medical record about that.

Unfortunately, as it is accepted nowadays, the press looks at this issues from the point of view of equality.