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12 new deaths of coronavirus and 1013 recovered cases registered

As of June 23, a total of 21,006 cases of coronavirus disease had been confirmed, of which 1,0144 were recovered and 372 died. At present, there are 10,364 patients who are being treated for coronavirus. A total of 98,117 tests were performed.

This was reported by the Ministry of Health.

Thus, we have 418 new cases of coronavirus disease և 1,013 recovered.

Patients reported deaths were age of 70 (male), 73 (female), 89 (male), 53 (male), 77 (male), 59 (male), 81 (female), 60 (female), 81 (female), 80 (male), 82 (male) և 78 (male). Everyone had other chronic diseases.

9 deaths were reported the previous day when patients were diagnosed with a coronavirus infection, but died of another illness. The total number of such cases is 126.