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What is our "mistake" in the fight against coronavirus? - Nikol Pashinyan (video)

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made a live video on his Facebook page. He referred to the following question: what is our "mistake" in the fight against coronavirus?

"My conclusion is that, in fact, our mistake is that we may have over-trusted the factor of individual responsibility of our dear compatriots, as our calculation is as follows: when someone takes preventive measures to avoid getting infected, why does he take such preventive measures? After all, not for the government, not for the prime minister, not for the public administration system, but first of all for himself. And therefore, our whole strategy has been to show people the seriousness of the situation for a while, to expand the capacity of our healthcare system, and then to open up and provide people with 100% guarantees that they will avoid being infected with coronavirus."

Details are in the video.