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Read for the world!!

Joining this unique idea, favorite children writers will read from their books to the children and young people who are isolated at home because of COVID-19. "Read for the world!" idea has been created with the cooperation of the International Association of Publishers, UNICEF and World Health Organization. It will start today, on the international day of Children book at 19:00 (Yerevan) with Elisabetta Dami, the author of famous character Jeronimo Stilton. Hugo Setzer, the president of the International Association of Publishers says that this situation is new and complicated for all of us.

The social and psychological influence of long lasting isolation and social distance should be newly discovered and understood by us. Now we should take care of our and our children's mental health. We wanted to do something good and unite children with their favorite actors in order to promote interest towards reading and to reveal the family's difficulty in these days. Henrietta Fore, the administrative director of UNICEF says that the Children's life and regime have become complicated during a few weeks. When the outdoor life is inaccessible, children and young people can travel to different worlds through reading books. Elisabetta Dami will read in her Instagram page in English from 19:00 to 19:30 today. This author who has sold more than 180 million books and has been published in 50 different languages will also answer comments and questions. Many famous author's have also agreed to join.